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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 27, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, the senate is expected to vote today on a bill to avoid a government shutdown, but republicans in the house say they aren't willing to compromise and will reject the stop gap budget measure. all this is setting the stauj for a nail-biting weekend on capitol hill as attitude's deadline for a government shutdown quickly approaches. susan mcginnis is in washington with more. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie, good morning. this is all about obama care, getting rid of the health care law is inside this bill that the senate is voting on today. house republicans put it in there. they said we'll fund the government if obama care is dead. now, the senate is supposed to take that bill, take out the obama care provision, send it back to the house. what happens after that is anybody's guess and that's why we are now facing yet another budget showdown. the senate will likely vote yes on a bill to keep the government operating through mid-november, averting a shutdown at moment
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monday. lawmakers will remove part of the bill that kills obama care, something that house republicans demand. >> will you now accept a clean c.r. to avoid a government shutdown? >> i do not see that happening. there's said to be considering a one-year delay of the health care law or repealing the tax on a medical device that helps fund it. >> there will be options avail toab to us. there will not be speculate about what we do or do not do until they pass the bill. they insist they won't negotiate while the clock tick downs to a partial government shutdown. >> we we're going to have a clean c.r. that's what we're going to have. that's what we're going to vote for. we're not going to play games. >> reporter: they say you should get rid of all talk of the obama health care. >> you can huff and you can puff
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for 21 hours but you cannot blow the affordable health care act away. cruz also blocked an attempt to speed up the vote on funding the government, a move that angered even some republicans. >> but i'm understanding the reason we're waiting is that you all have sent out releases and e-mails and you want everybody to be able to watch. >> reporter: as the deadline approaches workers will get notices today to let them know if they'll be working during a shutdown or whether they'll be furloughed. >> the leadership there is already trying a new strategy, trying to push for a one-year delay in obama care as the price for raising the debt limit, that deadline is coming up october 17th. anne-marie? >> hopefully something positive happens over the weekend. susan mcginnis in washington. thank you. now to syria. the security council has agreed on a resolution. the entire 15-member council
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could vote today, but the resolution includes no automatic penalties if syria fails to comply. that would take a second resolution. earlier in an interview for "60 minutes," scott pelley asked secretary of state john kerr if this this remains an option. >> is this after the enormous opposition you saw from congress and the american people, no one believes that the president would use force in syria. >> that was before you had the u.n. report, it was before you had the agreement in geneva, that was before you had syria owning up to its weapons, and before you had syria signing up to agree to live by a certain standard. >> well, the u.n. resolution is similar to the deal reached between russia and the u.s. and geneva. also at the u.n. kerry was involved in high-level meetings
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about iran. kerry said iran has changed its tone. vinita nair reports. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry met face to face with his iranian counterpart. top diplomats from five other nations also participated about iran's nuclear program. kerry spoke to reporters afterward. >> he did put some possibilities on the table. now it's up to people to do the hard work to fill out what those possibilities could. >> reporter: hope for substantial talks now depend on negotiations in switzerland next month. >> i'm satisfied with the fit step. now we have to see whether we can match our positive words with serious deeds. >> reporter: the historic meeting at the waldorf in manhattan is a good sign. but they mooft prove their commitment with action, not just words.
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earlier iranian president hasan row row way in. he should join there, too, without any further delays. >> iran is pushing for increased transparency, including more inspections as a key part of negotiations. vinita nair, cbs news, new york. u.s. officials now believe the terrorist group that attacked the mall in kenya spent a great deal of time planning that atachlk officials say al shabaab may have stashed weapons in the mall prior to the attack. the number of people killed during the siege remains unclear, but so far it's believed the gunmen killed 67 people. dozens are still missing. and investigators in kenya want to talk to this woman, samantha lewthwaite. she is known as the white widow
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and was married to one of the attackers in the suicide bombing in london in 2005. there is speculation that she was involved in the mall attack, but so far no concrete evidence. an international conference says it's extremely likely that global warming is manmade. the intergovernmental panel on climate change began to issue its findings this morning in stockholm. the report raises the probability to 95% that humans are responsible for most global warming since the mid 20th century. the panel is also expected to say it will raise its previous projections of how quickly the oceans will rise. coming up on the "morning news," road test. the first test results on a car's crash test system. we'll tell you which cars performed the best ahead on "cbs morning news." [ sally ] my antidepressant worked hard to help with my depression.
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other risks include increased cholesterol, weight gain, decreases in white blood cells, which can be serious, dizziness on standing, seizures, trouble swallowing, and impaired judgment or motor skills. [ sally ] since adding abilify, i feel better. abilify and my antidepressant make a pretty good team. [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about a free trial of abilify and go to [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about a free trial of abilify what are you trying to make?? tryin' to make food, man. are you recording this? can you help me, instead of recording? look, it has instructions, did you read 'em? out with its first ratings for
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highway ratings for as alexis christoforous reports, some perform better than others. >> reporter: front crash prevention systems which warn drivers that they're about to hit something and auto breaking systems that make cars stop by themselves, can add a thousand or more to the cost of a new car, but which systems work best? the insurance institute for highway safety put more than 70 new cars and sufs to tvs to the. they combined warning system and auto breaking. >> there's the warn iing, and there's the auto break. the vehicle stopped by itself. >> researchers say crash at 25
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miles per hour between a mercedes c-class and a chevy malibu can do more than $28,000 in damage to both cars. cut the speed and the damage is about $5,700. which vehicles do researchers say performed best. at the top are subaru's legacy and outback which researchers say earned perfect scores. the institute for highway safety wants consumers to get the little bang for their buck. alexis christoforous, cbs news, new york. on the "cbs moneywatch," toyota recall as vehicle, and a fast food diet makes combos a little healthier. wendy gillette is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, wendy. >> good morning, anne-marie. the markets were mixed ahead of a shanghai trade zone. hong kong's hang sang gained a quarter percent. good news about jobs pushed stocks higher.
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unemployment claims fell to their lowest level in six years. the dow jones finished 55 points higher nasdaq climbed. toyota is called the siena because they can inadvertently shift oust park and start to roll. the models are 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2009. there have been plenty of reports of accidents and injuries related to the problem. mcdonald'sle start auring the choice of substituting fruit, salad, or a vegetable for fries in their value menu. it will be offered in 20 countries including the u.s. and only water, milk, and juice will be shown on menu boards for kids. but anne-marie, it's the smell of fries. >> i know.
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and then you're alerted and it's hard to exist. up next in sports, tears at yankee stadium as mariano rivera makes his final appearance. and tension in women's basketball. sealed with a kiss? give her a little smooch.
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♪ nothing says, "i'm happy to see you too," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york today sunny with a high of 70. thunderstorms in miami. chicago will be sunny and dallas
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sunny with a high of 90. los angeles, sunshine. after more than 1,100 games, five world series titles, and countless memories, mariano rivera made his final appearance at yankees stadium. the leading all-time closer is retearing after sunday's season finale but last night he got one last chance to say good-bye to the yankee faithful. >> number 42, mariano rivera. >> reporter: he made his way to the stage with metallica's music "enter sandman" playing one more time. but it was an unusual situation for the man whose job it was to preserve ninth inning leads for the yankees. rivera came into the eighth with tampa bay trail ing 4-0.
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and with two outs in the ninth inning yankees manager joe girardi sent two of rivera's long-time teammates out to the mound. derek jeter and andy pettitte were handed the task of taking the ball from rivera, removing him from the game. they shared an emotional embrace before a tearful rivera tipped his cap to yankees fans. after the game he talked about how important it was to have his teammates with his on the mound. >> i needed them there, and they were there. >> after taking a curtain call to a thunderous ovation, rivera collected a handful of dirt from the yankees pitcher's mound, a souvenir for his 19 years in pinstripes. >> he made my john fun. he made my job easy. but probably more important than that, he made all our lives
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better and we'll miss him. >> now, rivera retires at the mo most proliving closer. his 652 saves are the most of all time. the closest active reliever would need more than 200 to match him. and commissioner bud selig is also retiring. he's led major league baseball since 1993. in that time revenue has grown more than six-fold. he also oversaw the strike that forced the cancellation of the world series. he will step down in january of 2015. in "thursday night football," san francisco breaks a two-week losing streak. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick throws two touchdown passes as part of 258-point run. san francisco beat st. louis 35-11. >> and finally the play between two of the wnba's best players
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is getting heated, and don't expect them to kiss and make up. in last night's playoff game between phoenix and minnesota diana torahcy gets bumped by seemona gus it is and she responds by giving her an unwelcome kiss. game two of the this series is sunday night. who know as what could happen. when we return, a sinkhole scare. a growing sinkhole is forcing residents to move out before their homes get swallowed up.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., a high of 74 and sunshine. mostly sunny in atlanta as well and st. louis sunny. but showers in denver today, and seattle can expect rain. a town in southern louisiana is struggling to find its footing after the earth opened up. in bayou corne a giant sinkhole
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is swallowing landscapes an sinking homes and it's forces families to flee. >> reporter: it looks like something from a science fiction story. it's threatened 150 homes. that's why on nearby, janet and jared merritt are packing the last of their things from the home that they had planned to liv out the rest of their lives. >> it's painful, physically, mentally, emotionally. >> reporter: the swamp went from this to this, a sinkhole the side of 20 football fields. bayou corn sits on assault toe, lay over salt deep underground. that's where the company minus sock. part of the cavern wall collapsed taking the ground above it with it. the pressure is now sending
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dangerous natural gas bub ling into the air. texas brian is installing wells to volume out the gas but that could take years. a lot of residents here say they moved to bayou corne to live out the rest of their lives and now they have to flee. what do you say to those people? >> i definitely share their pain and feel their pain. we were as surprised as anyone. some think that's not enough and have filed a class aksz lawsuit. the merritts took a buyout and are moving to baton rouge. >> looks like i'm just going to be in baton rouge until my time runs out on this earth, you know? >> reporter: what drove them here to bayou corn ee is now
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driving them away. adrian diaz, cbs news, bayou corn, louisiana. (pop) (balloons popping) i can see the edge of my couch! (balloons popping)
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well, good morning and welcome to wusa9. today is friday, which makes everything so much better. no matter how many technical problems you have, traffic, bad weather, it's friday. we'll get through it together. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. >> sounds good to me. good morning, i'm mike hydeck. happy friday monika. >> the commuters deserve this friday. >> what a week.
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yesterday was awful. >> really rough. >> weather-wise? not a problem. >> yeah -- >> say it again. >> looking fine on this side of the desk. we have no issues a couple of clouds this morning. they'll be around for a few hours and then more sun this afternoon but it looks dry and nice and pattern is going to be around technically another week. >> okay. >> yeah. >> i just don't see much significant weather headed our way. we can take this weather for a while but if it goes much longer you'll get some cranky meteorologists around because it gets a little boring. 68 at 11:00 and still i think partly to mostly cloudy and more sun this afternoon. 3:00 73 and on the way to a very gorgeous 75 degrees. storm system yesterday brought us some clouds and you can see it sort of spinning here as it goes away but watch how these clouds. can you see that? they're moving to the southwest about to move into virginia. they moved in toward maryland. so we've got clouds and that was jupiter by the way. if you were up late last night
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that was jupiter to the bottom left of the moon. temps are running in the mid 40s in winchester and 50s and 60s are more open. manassas 48 and it's 53 in fredericksburg and we've had a touch of fog this morning. warrenton seeing some fog and also harrisonburg three quarters but the rest of us not too bad going into the 70s later on. monika samtani, it's early friday. you must have nothing but good news this hour. i have nothing but good news and i just wanted to stay that way. good morning everybody. we've mad a rough rough -- had a rough rough week in terms of road issues and right now we're nice and calm i'm happy to say. go ahead and take the extra sip of coffee if you're up this morning already and watching us and i have great news on # 6 from manassas to centreville to fairfax. dulles toll road as well. nice and calm and no problems on the beltway west of town. what about south of town? let's take a live look here in virginia on the northbound side of i-935 and again a few people
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out and about but no problems trying to get on to 395 and the 14th street bridge. back to the maps and this time all the way to the east side. looking good on the bw parkway in from laurel. route 50 and from annapolis. there had been some construction clearing up on the inner loop near arena drive and a live look in college park where traffic is nice and quiet. all the way on the outer loop towards silver spring topside of town. jess, mike? thank you monika. we are inching another day closer to a possible government shutdown. this afternoon, the senate will vote on a continuing resolution to keep the government running. >> but you know what? the arguments aren't going to stop apparently. the democrats in the senate are going to take out part of the house bill that would defund obamacare which sets the stage for another showdown between the house and senate and increases the possibility of a government shutdown. susan mcginnis explains. >> reporter: the senate will likely vote yes on a bill to keep the government operating through mid-november averting a shutdown at midnight monday. lawmakers will remove part of
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the bill that kills obamacare, something house republicans demand. >> will you now accept a clean pr from the senate to avoid a government shutdown? >> i do not see that happening. >> reporter: instead house republicans will try to attach other stipulations to try to chip away at obamacare. they're said to be considering a one year delay of the health care law or repealing a tax on a medical device that helps fund it. >> there will be options available to us. there's not going to be any speculation about what we're going to do or not do until the senate passes their bill. >> reporter: the democrats insist they won't negotiate while the clock ticks down to a possible government shutdown. >> we want a clear cr. we're going to have a clear cr. we're not going to play any of the games. >> reporter: thursday the president said republicans should forget about trying to kill his health care plan. >> that's not going to happen as long as i'm president. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: as the dead lynn apreachs -- deadline approaches, federal worksers
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will get notices today letting them know whether they'll keep working during a shutdown or whether they'll get furloughed. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> they'll continue working through the weekend and wusa9 learned the government if it shuts down, the annual firefighter memorial weekend scheduled for next week may be in jeopardy as well. well, air strikes avoided. at least for now. syria has reached an agreement with five permanent members of the united nations security council to hand over its chemical weapons. the resolution move the threat of a possible u.s. air strike which the president had considered following the syrian nerve gas attack on civilians back in august. the full security council is expected to approve the deal. so now the focus turns to iran's nuclear program for secretary of state john kerry. he met with iranian counterpart and others in new york city yesterday. in an interview with scott pelley for 60 minutes kerry said the u.s. won't lift sanctions until a transparen


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